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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bachelorette Party Weekend...Buy her a shot 'cause she's tying the knot!

Bridesmaids Trailer--This movie looks awesome.

One of my best friends of all time (Miss AMC) is getting married this June!  I have been bestowed the honor of being one of her bridesmaids and this weekend we're throwing her a Bachelorette party in Louisville, Kentucky.  The other bridesmaids, maid of honor and I have been planning this event for some time now to make sure it is a weekend to remember and partially forget.  I have the responsibility of organizing the games (evil laugh) so I know it will be a stellar time.  HM has our hotel situation and din situation all set up and SPC has the special cake all planned out!  A majority of our time will be at the oh-so-classy Fourth Street Live.  I won't say much more than that just in case the bride-to-be reads my posts before then.
* *   * *

Shout-outs to AMC the bride-to-be: I will say that "You're not the only one but you're the best AMC...BUM BUM!"  Get ready to "shake it like some chocolate milk/taillight/ceiling fan/etc."  And that "We've got a brand new dance it's the newest _________ dance."  LOVE YOU and can't wait to celebrate with you!
The Hangover (R-Rated Single-Disc Edition)  Bride Wars 

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  1. LOVE IT!! i'm soo excited and can't wait to make up new ______ dances that we partially forget AND shake it like some ceilings fans! woohoo!!


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