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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I almost got ran over by a bus today.

My two younger sisters and I were walking to the stadium to go to the Reds game today.  They are both taller than me and don't bother to slow down their walking so I can keep up.  (They're so nice to me.)  We reach the street we need to cross and all of a sudden they darted across the street.  Me, being in my own little world took a minute to realize that they were running across because the light was about to turn green.  So I just kind of started strolling across the street without really paying attention.  All of a sudden I see a Cincinnati Metro bus coming right at me.  I was about to the other side of the street when I started running because I realized the bus was NOT going to stop or slow down for me.  YIKES!

What do my sisters do as soon as I reach safety?  They start cracking up and then proceed to walk much faster than me telling me how dumb I am in the process. Fortunately, I thought the whole thing was funny as well.  I'm a good sport!  Bahahaha...good sport...we were going to a Reds game which is a...nevermind.
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