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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why EmCBergs (me) started rapping...

It all started on a Monday Night Girls Night (Guys have MNF--we have MNGN).  One of my friends showed us a bunch of texts this guy she was seeing sent her.  It ranged from poetry (gag), to chit chat, to finally, the lyrics to this song....WET.  Let me tell you, it is NOT a romantic song.  We were all getting a good laugh when someone suggested that I recite the lyrics to the song.  My friend googled the lyrics and without ever hearing the song before I rapped my own version.  Needless to say my friends were dying laughing.  Do I seem like I'd be a rapper?  We then all watched this video and collectively decided my version was better.  Thus, the beginning of EmCBergs.

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