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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wooahh Caught in a Bad Bromance

I know I'm not alone on this one when I say it's annoying to be dating someone AND their friends.  I don't mean you're a "playaaaa", but the guy (or girl) you're dating ALWAYS has their BFF around.  There's been two guys that I've dated (who shall remain nameless) who had at least one guy friend who was always around and made a priority over me.  

(I'm getting personal here with my real life scenarios)
Me: "Hey (BF)________, want to come out with me and my friends for a change?"  
(Now Ex) BF: "Let me see what my BFF _________ is doing first and I'll let you know."  

Ouch right?  I've since discovered that I have been much too tolerable of such behavior.  There were times when it was funny (but not good funny).  

(Now Ex) BF: "Em, want to come watch a movie with me and my BFF __________?"  
I'm pretty sure I even spent part of Valentine's Day with his friend. (gag, gag) 

It may be a maturity thing considering one of those relationships was in college and the other was with a guy a bit younger than me.  I just think it's funny that people cling to those friendships so much in relationships.  It's a little Brokeback-esque if you ask me.  Oh you didn't ask me?  Too bad.  :)
Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen Edition)   I Love You, Man

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