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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Exciting (and sometimes dreaded) First Dates!

Watching The Bachelorette tonight and seeing the guys' crazy antics got me thinking about first dates.  I've had some really great dates in my life, a lot of so-so ones, and a few really bad and/or awkward ones.  (The clip is a priceless one of Kasey from Ali's season.)

Here's Some Examples of Great Dates I've Been On:

--Cincinnati Museum Center and Dinner, I love museums and that it wasn't a bland idea, although I ended up not really being attracted to this guy, it was a really fun date!

--Play at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Not only was it creative, but I also love theater.  

--Wine and Cooking Me Dinner, This is great for a guy who knows how to cook (Although I believe it was a second date--I wouldn't recommend it for a first).

--Coffee and Dessert at a Small Coffee Shop, Although it was a more low-key first date, there was less pressure and it was different.

Most of the bad dates I've been on haven't necessarily been because of the place we went (although they were usually dinner and maybe a movie dates).  The dates were terrible because of the person's behavior.  

Here's Some Examples of Bad First Date Situations:

--The guy (who I'd only met once before the date) tried to invite himself as the plus one to a wedding I'm in and to an event he knew I was attending.  I then tried to make a joke about it as a way out saying "Haha we'll see."  He then proceeded to push the topic.  (Gag!)

--I went with a guy to dinner and afterwards he used a coupon when he went to pay and then told me I owed him dinner next time.  A few minutes later he mentioned he's commitment-phobic. (Run!)

--The guy was literally so shy that I sat in silence for a bit of time before struggling to start up another conversation.  He also started sweating profusely. (Uhhh.)

--I went to dinner with a guy (right after I got out of a relationship) who was pretty much just a friend to me (he insisted I go).  He showed up with 3 boxes of Godiva chocolates...and then kept trying to force feed me glasses of wine at dinner.

The best dates I've been on have been with people who try to bring out their best characteristics without being phony.  There's also some things that should just not ever be brought up on a first date (exes, wanting to get married in a year, being commitment-phobic, hating anything--hate is a strong word for a first date, politics).  You will most likely not be asked or agreed to a second date (at least by me).  I don't know why some people are in such a hurry.  Take your time to get to know someone and let them take their time to get to know you (the real you).  It'll all come out eventually. :-P

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