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Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Honor of Mother's Day and My Mom Judy Bergmann

Can you guess which one is me?  Hint...it looks almost nothing like me now.

My mom is one of my best friends and confidantes so this day is especially great to show my appreciation for her.  She (and my father) raised 6 children (now ages 16-28) and that in its own I think makes her a saint.  She always puts our needs first even though she suffers from Fibromyalgia (info).  For Mother's Day we got her two new comfortable bed pillows, a dozen roses, a gift card to Panera and made her a huge breakfast.  All of those things are signs of our appreciation for her, but none of it is even close to what she's done for us the other 364 days of the year.  My mom is even subscribed to my blog.  Haha.  Thanks Mom and I hope you're enjoying your day!

They're still in love (most of the time haha) after almost 30 years of marriage (30 yrs in June).

My mom's little rascals who are not so little anymore (but still rascals).

Take the time to appreciate your mom's today and remember those who have lost their mothers.  Happy Mother's Day!  

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