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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Night Girls Night Rap

Today is Monday which means for my friends and I...Monday Night Girls Night! (MNGN)
I look forward to Mondays only because of MNGN.  :)

I have yet to put any poetry/raps that I've written on here, but I will give it a shot.  I'm writing this as I post:

Rolled out of bed today
Got ready for work
Another tired Monday 
But then I start to smirk

"Duh, girls night later"
All of a sudden thrilled
Must get through 8 hours
Then my fun will be fulfilled

Mondays have been underrated
"Friiiiday, Friiiiday," Rebecca Black
Overrated, cliche, and amateur 
Plus that song is pretty whack

Courtney, Sarah, Natalie G
Half of the MNGN crew
Natalie S, Alli and Me
Complete the group that's true

--EmCBergs is in the hizzooouse! 
Haha I thought I'd throw a silly post in the mix of some others that are a bit on the serious side.  

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