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Friday, May 6, 2011

To Ask Him Out...To Wait...Or Just Try to Be REALLY Obvious?

So here's a topic that a few years ago I wouldn't have even considered: Asking a guy out.  I am all for equality and everything, but I feel much more comfortable with traditional gender roles.  I used to tell my friends that "I don't call guys."  I'd still say I don't really call guys I'm interested in unless 1) I'm returning a call or 2) We're already an official item.  Some people might think this is a little outdated and/or silly, but this is my choice.  I won't judge you for yours.  (Well maybe if you're uber clingy and call guys several times in a row until they answer.  In that case I'd probably give you some gentle input.)

I am a huge advocate of the "flirt until they realize I like them" play.  It might not be the most effective or timely, but who said I was in a hurry anyway?  (Okay that's sort of a lie because if I really like someone I get very impatient until they make a move. They likely wouldn't know because all of my complaining is to my friends.)

Even though I've never actually asked a guy out, there have been times when I have somewhat put myself out there.  I can't say it has elicited the best response because I am a true believer that guys like at least some chase whether or not they would actually admit to that.  If a guy likes you, no matter how shy he is, he will find a way to ask you out on a date or at least a causal hangout (until he gets enough good vibes from you to ask you out).  When girls use the excuse for calling him or asking a guy out because "he's so shy" or "maybe he doesn't know I like him".  I just want to roll my eyes.  I've definitely used the excuse in the past, but these days regardless of how much it may sting, I've tried to be much more honest with myself.  Not every guy you like is going to like you or be at the same place as you or be emotionally stable, etc.  I'm a firm believer and practicer of optimism, but there's a difference in remaining positive and being straight up delusional.   

Tips for How to do it...Click Me!

Since I've never asked a guy out I can't really speak from experience on how that goes for women.  So here's something fun I might try to do as an experiment and let you all know how it goes.  I will actually ask a guy out on a date. (Gasp!)  I do not have anyone in particular in mind, but it could either be someone I meet in the next week or someone I already know.  This is going to be a major challenge for me, but I think it'll be fun and quite possibly a learning experience.  Once I actually go through with asking someone I will report on how it goes and if I actually go out with them.  I promise I won't cheat and ask a guy friend  to hang out or something like that.  Cheers!

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