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Thursday, June 9, 2011

** UPDATED: My 24th Birthday Next Week Inspired Me to Make a 30 Things To Do Before 30 List

Here's My List (In no particular order):
**Updated 10-9-2011
  1. Take a Trip to Las Vegas   --There are posts about it.
  2. Sing at a Wedding --It went really well!
  3. Start a Blog --Obviously, I'm posting this on it.
  4. Record a Song (Me singing)
  5. Learn how to play the guitar (At Least One Song)
  6. Get Married
  7. Own a Tiny dog
  8. Buy a House
  9. Publish a Poem  --poems on Writer's Network
  10. Make a Rap Video
  11. Learn How to Cook (Well)
  12. Act on Stage Again (or Film)  --Supporting role in Feature Film "Devil's Point"
  13. Ride a Motorcycle (With a Helmet)
  14. Bungee Jump
  15. Party at Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  16. Pay Off All Student Loans
  17. Dye My Hair Brown at Least Once
  18. Learn How to Drive a Stick shift
  19. See a Broadway Show ON Broadway in NYC
  20. Move out of Cincinnati (Even if it's only for a few months)
  21. Invest in the Stock Market --I completed this with my 403b but I'd like to do more.
  22. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  23. Brush up on my Spanish-speaking Skills
  24. Swim with Dolphins
  25. Pet at least one Penguin --There was one to pet at Jen and Scott's reception!
  26. Vacation in Paris
  27. Make a Family Scrapbook
  28. Have My Career Figured Out and Stable
  29. Decide if I Ever Want a Tattoo (Do what the decision is)
  30. Run a Half/Full Marathon

I crossed off the first three because one of them is create a blog (which I've obviously done) and the other two I will have completed this weekend and next week!
Would you make a list as well?  How many things on my list have you already done?

--Thank you to Courtney "CGizzle" for inspiring this post!

1 comment:

  1. Em, our lists have a lot in common and you didn't even see mine first! Haha. That means we have to cross some things off together!


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