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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...Day Two (Part 2)

So like I was saying before, my friend and I came back from the bathroom to find that our other 2 friends found a new group of guys to hang out with.  The first guy (who was talking to my friend) introduced himself and I immediately knew I wanted to talk to him.  They invited us to their cabana where we had more drinks.  I talked to the guy I "had my eye on" and we instantly hit it off (at least in my mind--hahaha he may have a different opinion).  Everyone was goofing around (my favorite group of guys on the trip) and having fun.  One of my friends was PDA-ing on the cabana couch a little too much.  I on the other hand, was much more focused on being a goofball with my new favorite guy.  

Before we knew it, the club was closing!  (It was 4 am!)   We didn't want to all say goodbye so we went to gamble and get more drinks at the Hard Rock Hotel bar.  My favorite guy spoke Swedish (He has relatives in Sweden) to me while I enjoyed my go to drink of captain and diet at 5 am.  We kissed, but not in a drunken PDA gross way.  No one even noticed except maybe one of his friends.  Gosh I wish he lived in Cincinnati...or that I lived in LA (where he lives).  It was so freaking cute (I know, I know. Gag gag, barf barf).  Of course, I would go to Vegas and meet a guy I actually liked!  We all eventually said our goodbyes and haven't seen each other since (they left Vegas the next day).  "I'll never let go..." --Titanic joke (see photo below)

Since then he and I have been in contact via text and facebook.  I'm hoping to visit one of my girlfriends in LA within the next few months.  At that point maybe I'll see him as well.  ;) 

I haven't been writing as much because I feel like I should be finishing my Vegas stories and to be honest, I'm slowly forgetting them.  I might just stop after day 2 and leave the rest to your imagination. 

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