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Monday, August 22, 2011

Get that lime away from me!

I just thought this video was cute and it also happened to tie in my "lime" theme.  I don't actually hate limes, but I don't like people to put old and gross fruit on my drink at bars.  The name just came to me when I was brainstorming a title for my blog.  It's funny how many people ask me about it.  Hellllllloooo if you read the "About me" in the right sidebar you'll see the whole story. ------>

The perfect lime-less drink

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Confidence vs. Arrogance: What's the difference?

An arrogant (cocky) person may seem to ignore any areas of weakness and only play up areas of strength, but they often do so because of an inability to come to terms with weakness.  Arrogance is often underplayed by insecurity. An arrogant person tends to be arrogant to compensate for areas of weakness that distress the individual.

A confident person accepts their weaknesses or faults, even though they may not like them. This acceptance enables the confident person to handle faults with grace and without further compacting the areas of weakness with arrogance. A confident person finds the root of their confidence in self acceptance - a key confidence vs arrogance difference. 

These are key points when understanding confidence vs arrogance.

Just like my DB Anthem, we've all dated or been friends with people who aren't exactly well-rounded and life-fulfilling companions.  It's fine to have them around as superficial acquaintances at least for a phase, but you will only be disappointed in the long run if you try to count on them to have your back at all times.  Most importantly, you want people around who will be there not just when everything is great, but also when you're at your lowest.  I've found that the arrogant people tend to be arrogant because they want people to think they live this great life even though the truth might be far from it.  These people tend to not have many true friends and are most likely not very happy.  So when someone tries to rub their "glamorous" life in your face, consider that they are likely embellishing and just trying to seek your approval. :)  

--Words of wisdom from a not always wise girl, but I'm always learning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank You to My International Readers!

You are amazing for reading my blog!  I didn't realize that people from across the world would appreciate my writing!  I hope you keep reading and please feel free to post comments or suggestions.  Thank you!