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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Are You You Afraid Of? Fear of Commitment

No Strings Attached--Movie Clip

Are you sabotaging your own best efforts to find the right person?  You may be if you have some of the common signs of commitment avoidance below:
-You date unavailable men or women
-You end relationships before they get too serious     
-You have a long list of requirements for the "perfect" mate that no one could live up to www.twofus.org

Click here for an Article about this Fear.
Friends With Benefits--Movie Clip
(Because I couldn't commit to just one movie clip--bahaha)

   Some tips on how to move past the fear:
-Recognize the root of your fear
-Learn to trust
-Take it slowly
-Be open
-Don't exaggerate flaws
-Learn to forgive
-Value yourself

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