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Monday, February 20, 2012

If You Try to Dance with Me Like This...I Will Laugh at You

Thanks to C-Gizzle and NaTpain for sharing this with me this evening.  Not only did it make me laugh hysterically, but it was also a great muse for a new post.  The funniest part about it is that it is a genuine "How to" video.  Please do not roll on me unless you're just trying to get a laugh out of me.    

I do think that it's rather odd how dance styles have evolved.  I DO think grinding and dirty dancing came way before the 90s as this picture depicts (ex: Dirty Dancing), although it is certainly more publicly accepted.  This reminds me also of High School dances and "Mixers" in which we were told to "leave room for the Holy Spirit".  Our good ole Catholic Schools were not about to allow "dirty dog dancing".  Haha.  I do wish people were more creative with dancing.  I can't say Cincinnati is the best place to go "dancing" though.  Most of the places to dance are full of Jersey Shore looking dudes and DBs.  They  dance more like the video above.  I'm steering clear of that! 

This reminds me of a slumber party in the 6th grade.  My friends and I were in the basement trying to learn how to dance like they do in the video. Hahahaha.  Embarrassing, but I have no shame.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!

How could I resist?

Yes, please!

I had to add these cute little penguins.  Look at that heart!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chick Flicks: Giving Unrealistic Expectations to Women Everywhere

A chick flick romantic kiss montage.  They sure do make love look easy with just one kiss.

One of my favorite "chick flicks" is 'He's Just Not That Into You.'  Probably because it seems pretty realistic to me.  Watch the video above to explain why it's not your typical chick flick.

Haha now that's more like it! 

I won't say that I don't watch chick flicks (I occasionally do), but I will say it is not what I'd go to first.  Personally, I find them to be unrealistic and thus a little depressing.  I will say that if I'm feeling particularly sappy or romantical I will throw in The Notebook and eat icecream and cry like a baby.  I'm not sure if that's because the old people die or because Ryan Gosling is kissing another girl.  Hmmm.  Anyway, I digress.  My favorite movies/tv shows tend to be in the comedy/action/suspense genres.  Maybe I'm missing part of the sappy movie girl gene.  Or maybe I've subconsciously decided that they only piss me off because I'm not with mister prince charming and living happily ever after yet.  Who knows?  Either way, I either love certain chick flicks or I love to hate them.  

I was talking to a friend tonight about chick flicks and that got me thinking so of course I had to write about it.  Her favorite chick flick is when Harry Met Sally.  I will say that is a classic!  Oh and "I'll have what she's having."