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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day Rap (Thundercloud Thursday)

I'm sitting at my desk
Trying to do some work
It's the Red's Opening Day and
I'm writing this to be a jerk.

Why didn't I take off
And join in the festivities?
Am I some sort of rebel?
Or only care about those born in Nativities?

Yes, tomorrow's Good Friday,
But that's not the answer either.
I'm just a little absent-minded
So here I am taking a breather.

I'm not being spiteful when I say this
(Or what the hell, maybe I am).
There's lots of thunderclouds out
And to a baseball game that's an "Oh Damn!"

So instead of joining you in the celebration
I'm going to stay indoors.
I hope none of you are wearing white
Unless you like those whores.

--This is one of my more profane raps so I apologize if I offended you (especially if you are indeed a proud whore wearing white in this weather).  I'd like to thank FB and those who posted about opening day on FB for inspiring me during lunchtime.  

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