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Thursday, June 28, 2012

7 Ways to Get Over or Prevent a Grumpy Mood!

A few words/phrases related to Grumpy: Grouchy, Crabby, Irritable, Sulky, Down in the Dumps, Pissy, Petulant, Cantankerous  

So you're feeling one of those ways. Now what?  

(1) Listen to music that is uplifting or reminds you of a happy memory. --My go to songs are either showtunes (ie Rent), nostalgic pop (ie NSYNC), hip hop (ie Waka Flocka Flame) or something ridiculously silly (ie Jump Smokers "Don't Be a Douchebag")

(2) Don’t let your blood sugar level go nuts. Feeling grumpy can often be avoided by taking a few minutes to eat something healthy for breakfast or eating a healthy protein such cheese as a snack. If you have to miss a meal, at least have a piece of fruit and drink enough water to stay well hydrated. --Or if you're me, maybe enjoy some Swedish Fish (probably not doctor recommended sugar though :-P ).
(3) Get enough sleep. Get to bed a half hour early tonight and set your alarm for an extra 10 minutes of snooze time in the morning for the next few days. --This is most definitely a problem area for me.  I am a night owl even when I need to get up early.  The result is not very pretty.  Give me 20 minutes to indulge in some caffeine and I'm okay (also probably not doctor recommended). 

(4) Ask a friend you can trust for a reality check. Allow yourself to vent about what is bothering you for 10 full minutes while your friend simply listens with no judgement or criticism. Verbalizing the problems that are bugging us can go a long way toward releasing pent up emotions that cause a grumpy mood. --My close girlfriends and I allow each other to take "crazy" time.  Fortunately, we don't all experience it at the same time.  Some days you just need to blab about everything that sucks.  Afterwards, we usually try to cheer each other up.
(5) Get some exercise outside.  A short walk allows us to get some exercise, exposure to sunlight, and time to clear our minds. --I find that a walk outside during my lunch break gives me just enough time to de-stress.  Spinning classes at the gym also leave me feeling relaxed and accomplished.

(6) Plan a future activity that puts a smile on your face. Today might be a terrible day, but your mood will be uplifted just thinking about fun future plans! --This could be anything as small as planning a dinner date with a friend or a long weekend out of town somewhere or a vacation.  Usually looking forward to the weekend is enough for me!
(7) Make a gratitude list. Don’t be surprised if you feel your grumpy mood lifting by the time you reach to 10. --There are times I'm in a bad mood and have forced myself to do this.  I tend to just do this in my head.  Chances are you are actually doing very well once you think about it.

There are so many other things you can do to cheer yourself up, but here's my list for now!  Please feel free to leave comments with your ideas! :)

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