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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrating Living a Quarter of a Century: My 25th Birthday!

Turning 25 - Fun Facts:

  • Car insurance discount
  • Easier and cheaper to rent a car 
  • No longer in the 18-24 age category 
  • 10 years from legally being able to run for president (not a chance)
  • Required to get an updated driver's license 

June 14th Throughout History:

Random Facts:
  • I was almost born in the car.  My mom wanted my dad to pull over.  Eventually, they made it to the hospital where they threw my mom in a room and a Resident caught me bare-handed. 
  • I am a Gemini- "Geminis born June 14 combine a winning personality with a penetrating intelligence that is truly disarming. They are "idea" people. They aren't shy about expressing their opinions yet don't insist that people agree with them." TLC
  • My due date was June 6th.  (I was late...surprise, surprise!)
  • My 5th birthday party was Barbie themed.  (Shocking, huh?)
  • I got my belly-button pierced on my 15th birthday. (10 years ago--gosh I feel old now!)


  1. Are you serious about the cheaper rentals and insurance discounts? If you are, wow, I sure missed out on a lot when I turned 25.

  2. In Ohio, yes. I'm not sure about everywhere else.

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