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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top Annoying Posts on Facebook Part 1

Alright kiddos--Here's a post on some of the things I witness on Facebook that I find utterly obnoxious (and occasionally sad).  I'm sure I was guilty of some of these here and there in the early days of college, but come on!  You should all be Facebook pros!  

So get a diary, tell your significant other you LOVE them to their face, volunteer for a politician's campaign, and confront your "Frenemy" in person.

I'll share some examples (being satirical here):  

How do you like my make-up guys?  

The infamous selfie pic.  It was taken on instagram which means you're not only a model, but also a creative photographer.  (This photo is not on Facebook.  I took it to make a point on this post.  Besides I look like a fool. LOL)

I have the best boyfriend EVER!
I love you honey boo boo boo.  You are so special and put up with my moodiness even when I'm PMS-ing.

The Public Couple.  Gag gag.  Unfortunately, this is very common on Facebook.  Who doesn't want everyone in on the details of their relationship?  I mean, I think you're SUPER cute and everything, but you make me want to vomit.

The alternative is when these same couple have fights on FB.  That's just embarrassing.  Get a diary / therapist / friend (Facebook ones don't count).  I don't know maybe you've exhausted all of them including your Mom.  The therapists can't help you so you think:

ait, people will see this on Facebook and ask me what's wrong!  BINGO!  

I'm pregnant!

The Ultrasound. Just because it says it is the "profile" of your fetus doesn't mean you need to make it your "profile pic" on Facebook.  I'm okay with not seeing the inside of your Uterus on my Newsfeed.  Whatever happened to only showing it to close family and friends as proof that you're pregnant?  You can just post that you're pregnant on Facebook.  I'll believe you.  


There is a web application that will turn pictures of babies into pictures of things you choose.  Examples: Puppies, Pizza, Sunsets, etc.  I installed it but later felt like a jerk so I uninstalled it.  It does work though...if you're interested.

To Be Continued...

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