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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well...I'm Back on the Market. Where does that Phrase even come from? I'm not a House!

I saw this a while back and had to laugh.  I don't blog everyday, but sometimes my posts are a good indicator on what I've been thinking about recently.

I don't know whether I would slap someone who gave this to me or thank them for being creative and giving me some good breakup food.

Daria makes an appearance two posts in a row!

When you struggle to get over the disappointment, it’s because you were over-invested in the potential, ‘vision’, and ultimately the hopes, plans, and outcome that you had set your mind and heart on. BaggageReclaim  

From the movie The Hot Chick

I freaking love that movie plus it reminds me of childish things us girls would make up when we were younger.  Oh nostalgia.

Quote from the movie He's Just Not That Into You  

The Cincinnati Skyline is the background so that it feels more close to home for all of you in Cincy and Northern Kentucky.

This one is obvious.  I love penguins.  Give me the perfect stone, mate.
Lol. I said that last sentence in an Australian accent.  Who knows?

Ryan, my name can be Google for you.  Here's to hoping the future brings me someone comparable to you (if not you).

I waited a little bit to post about this because I wanted my mind to be a little clearer. 
Here's some of my previous posts for when I'm ready to get back in the game:

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