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Thursday, June 20, 2013

If a Cluttered Desk is a Cluttered Mind...Then What is an Empty Desk? -- The joys of keeping it clean.

Cluttered Desk a Cluttered Mind? Click Here!

In the Workplace:

In an article in Psychology Today, cognitive psychologist David Kirsh suggested that we keep our offices the way that best suits our cognitive style. 
Messy people tend to use environmental cues to structure their time, so lots of notes and stacks of papers help them feel better connected to what they are working on and what they've accomplished.
Neat and organized people, on the other hand, rely on things like planners and to-do lists to structure their time. An uncluttered office helps these individuals better focus on what they need to accomplish.

Ellen is hysterical.  I need one of these guys.  Okay maybe I don't need one.
(I need two - haha!)

Why can't I do this with my room?  
(This is not an actual photo of my room.)

Click here for a Funny Audio Clip!

Tips for Making Housework Less Overwhelming:

Tip 1 : Time Yourself--Chances are it will take less than you think!

Tip 2: Find Your Level of ‘Good Enough’--It doesn't have to be perfect!

Tip 3: Messiest Areas First--This will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Tip 4: Prevention Is Better Than a Cure--Keep it up once you get it in shape.

Tip 5: Follow The Top To Bottom Rule--Ex: Dust before you vacuum to avoid rework. helpmeclean.com.au

More Fun Tips for Housework Here!

*This post was created while procrastinating cleaning my room.

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