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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Halloween Costume Decisions..."I'm a Mouse...DUH!"

Ohhh the question many of us think about every year.  
Some people think about it months in advance.  
What scary...funny...shocking...ironic...slutty (NOT ME Mom!)...err... 
Halloween costume should I wear this year?!

Getting Political Costume

You know some version of this will be out there this year.  The government shutdown happened way too close to Halloween for some "clever" lads to NOT wear something of this sort. I created this image by the way.  I too, am clever.  Hold on let me brush that one off my shoulder...the donkey that is.  LOL. 
Okay, okay, I made a promise to myself I wouldn't get political on here.

Harajuku Girl Costume

I wore this costume one year when I wanted to get creative and not go with the typical promiscuous female costume.
Harajuku Girls is a term to describe women and teenage girls in Harajuku (Tokyo, Japan) who wear a style of clothing that originated in the street culture of major cities in Japan, (i.e. Tokyo and Osaka). Learn More Here!

Castaway Couple Costume
("Chuck" played by Tom Hanks and "Wilson" played by Volleyball)

Who could forget the love between Chuck and Wilson?  I don't know when I cried more in a movie--when Rose has to let the frozen Jack go in "Titanic" or when Chuck loses Wilson to the ocean in "Castaway".  This could be a great couples costume or one between secure friends.  You'll have to fight over who gets to be who though!

French (people) + Kiss (the rock band) = 
French Kiss Costume

I...Wanna Rock And Roll...All Niiiight...And Party Every Day, s'il vous plaît?  
This costume gives the political costume a run for its money in the "clever" realm.  
This could be a great group costume.  
It could be even cooler if you make crepes and give them out.  
Friends of mine: please do this!  Mmmm...Crêpes.

Princess Costume
(Notice the reuse of the pink tutu)

I wanted to wear a costume that was form-fitting and flirty, but still not in that "lingerie" category.  I give myself an D+ for creativity (I didn't give myself an F because I pulled all of these items separately).  You CAN wear something cute, but not slutty. 
(I know Dad, it's still too much.)

"The Shining" Twins Costume

I started looking for "scary" costumes on the internet and found some nasty, foul, gross, stomach-wrenching costumes.  This is as bad as it gets on here.  I sometimes go back to my old posts and I really don't care to see some of the things I found again.  

If you're a twin, congrats!  You only need to find matching outfits and some fake blood.  If you're not twins, you'll need to put more effort in make-up and proportions, etc.  It still seems fairly easy.  You might want a wig if you don't have matching hair color.

The Tan Mom Costume 

I'm going to take a wild guess and say you read "Perez Hilton" regularly if you wear this costume.  I'm not hating...so do I.  
If you're tanorexic like I used to be, this one won't require much makeup.  
Grab a baby doll and cover it with brown paint and you're good to go.  
Happy tanning!

Cop Costume

I tried this on at the halloween store the other day just to see what it would be like to wear a typical female costume: one piece and revealing.  I included it on here because it's part of the majority, but I did not buy it.  I just awkwardly took a selfie in the dressing room.  I like pulling stuff together on my own.  (And no, I'm not a hipster.)

Whatever you decide to go with...Enjoy!  
And have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!