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Friday, January 17, 2014

Halfway Through My Dating Detox...

--Sir William Wallace "Braveheart"

I thought I would provide an update about this for anyone who cares since it's officially been 2 weeks since I started my detox. I'm not going to go through each day, but rather the days I remember the most.

Day 3 (Weekday): I was bored, and mildly depressed because I had cut off my latest potential suitor and had one less (or more--not telling) person to talk to.  

Day 6 (Weekday): I was feeling less stressed, happy with my life and my friends/family.  I felt very accomplished and focused at work.

--Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Schwartzman

Day 9 (Weekend): I was slightly irritated with guys at the bar.  I realized that I didn't want any attention from them and just focused on having fun with friends.

Day 12 (Weekday): I was bored and feeling sorry for myself because I was sick.  But then my sister/roommate felt sorry for me and gave me a Klondike bar (it also helped that I made time to do the dishes).

Day 14 (Weekend): I'm writing this post right now.  Let me think about how I feel... I'm bummed out because I'm still sick (Tonsilitis, blehhcck!).  I'm just focused on feeling better so I can catch up on stuff for work.  Yes, work is my biggest concern...  Not the fact that I'm staying in on a Friday night and not that I'm not out meeting new male prospects.  There were a lot of "not"s in that sentence.  I apologize.  I'm still running a slight fever. Lol.

To sum up the past 2 weeks on a dating detox:

- I'm a lot more focused on myself, friends, family, and work.
- I've been doing some reflecting about what I want and don't want in dating by doing some soul searching, talking to friends and family, and reading old posts of mine (See 5 Dating Non-NegotiablesMeet People Outside The Bar SceneDating Truths You Can't Ignore).  

It's been a success so far.  I look forward to what else I learn about myself throughout the next 2 weeks.

This is one of my favorite artists who hasn't yet blown up.  I have a feeling she will! Check out Banks' song "Waiting Game". :)  

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