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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The End of My Dating Detox: Time to GROW

I finished my dating detox!  Woohoo.  The end of it was pretty anti-climactic.  I do feel refreshed and ready to date again.  I may or may not have already gone out on one (not telling!). Though I'm ready to start dating again, I've learned some things about myself and what I like and don't like.  See below. 

Things I've Learned:

-I'm over going on dates with people I know I'm only "so-so" about.  My gut is almost always correct about people.  In addition to that, I have never become attracted to someone I was not initially attracted to.  I might become more fond and care more about that person, but I don't want to date them.

-I'm over ignoring red flags.  If it's the very beginning and I've seen a red flag, deal-breaker, or am being treated poorly, I. Am. DONE.  I realized I give a lot of chances to people who don't necessary deserve them.  It ends up panning out as I initially suspected.

-I'm over giving immature guys a chance.  I used to only date older, but a year or so ago I thought maybe I'm missing out on people because I'm judging based on age.  I was wrong.  Every single younger guy who I've dated has ended up being a little immature (I'm talking my age to a couple yrs younger--not barely legal) .  They might have come off as confident and even professionally "mature", however, once I got to know them better I started to feel like I was dating frat boys.  Which was great...in college. (If any of you are reading this...I think you're awesome.)

That's pretty much all I've learned.  I'm done writing about dating for a little bit.  I'll have to get inspired by some other funny business so you have some new material.  If you have any requests let me know in the comments below! :)  

Haha I can always count on The Office and Michael Scott for content.

Yeah... I realize it's kind of awkward that I started dating again right before Valentine's Day. Lol.

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